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Proper surface preparation is critical to a successful and long lasting coating job and removal of existing floor coatings.  Proper surface preparation is required by all floor coatings manufacturers.

Our company provides the most commonly specified surface preparation methods used on concrete floors: shot blasting, scarifying and concrete grinding.

Shot BlastingShot Blasting

Shot blasting is one of the cleanest and fastest methods of mechanical abrasion.  Shot blasting can be used for floors in sensitive areas that are otherwise "off limits" to other methods.  Food preparation or manufacturing areas, clean rooms, working around sensitive inventory or machinery, or simply areas where chemical-free, dustless methods are required, are all candidates for Shot Blasting.


The Scarifying process is used to remove contaminants, coatings, adhesives, and paint.  It is also very useful for preparing problem areas on concrete slabs: burned areas, high spots, curled joints, excessive trowel marks, trip hazards, etc.

Edge GrindingGrinding

Grinders are used for lightly preparing concrete surfaces and can help remove mastics, epoxies and urethane, paint and thick coatings.  Grinders assist in cutting through heavy, built-up adhesives, Elastomeric coatings, waterproof membranes, and more.


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