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Joint Filling and RepairJoint Filling and Joint Repairs

Our specialty equipment uses Polyurea and other compounds to fill saw-cut joints and expansion joints on concrete slabs, or to repair existing slabs.  By filling joints you help absorb impact and shock of heavy loads and steel-wheeled traffic; preventing erosion of control joint edges.  Filling joints helps provide flexibility from joint movement and protects slabs from chipping, and provides for improved shock absorption.

Decorative Sandblasted Stenciling

Our company can sandblast decorative stencil designs onto concrete surfaces to create a truly three-dimensional design element.


Epoxy FlooringEpoxy Floors

We can coat your garage, commercial floor, airplane hanger floor, manufacturing areas, warehouse areas, clean-rooms, etc. with a multitude of epoxy coating products that will be strong, beautuful and easily cleaned in areas of high usage.


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